Tuesday, November 30, 2010

“Rongli” is a most important part of Indian culture. “Rangoli” means an artwork created from different colors of marble powder without help of any techniques, entirely by bare hands.
I am honored to present you this artwork in the form of “Rangoli” which reflect Indian culture.
Hoping for your kind appreciation and guidance.


  1. Hi,how are you Shivanand?
    you'r still life and portraits are amazing and happy to follow you...

    Where is this Rangoli comm?is this done id any oublic event or at ur home?

  2. Olá. Seu trabalho é simplesmente maravilhoso! Que perfeição! Muito obrigado por estar seguindo o meu blog. Também vou seguir o seu e estarei acompanhando seus trabalhos com muito interesse. Parabéns!Leyr

  3. It is an honor to receive a compliment. I really admire your work and you too, because despite the quality and beauty of his drawings and paintings, still finds beauty in a work as simple as mine. Thanks for caring, Leyr

  4. very nice work, and relay like to follow you and best wishes of u r next awesome work.

  5. Amazing.... I love your works..
    You are gifted.